"Live an Extreme Life" written with Extreme Weight Loss's Bob Brenner! (Ascend Books).

"Max Explores" Children's Board Book series with illustrator Liza Fennech and in partnership with Children's museums across the country! (Triumph Books).
Reji believes that education is vital to maintaining a connection with her audience that extends beyond her ability to create and present books. Reji Laberje uses a multitude of mediums to reach her audiences at every sensory level and her programs promise to leave every attendee excited about reading, writing, and their own abilities. Learn more about Reji Laberje’s programs.
Reji Laberje writes positive stories about children and their gifts. And as a business that is built on philanthropy, she routinely donates proceeds from her books to worthy causes. View Reji’s book and audiobook collections.
The Reji Laberje Author Program is priced to fit any size budget, so that every youth and educational organization that wants a presentation should have the ability to. Reji has also created school day deals, Fund-READ-er, referral bonuses, and other package pricing to help ease the financial road to your Reji Laberje Author Program.
Have you been following Reji Laberje Author Programs on Facebook? Check out her new partner, Bob Brenner, the incredible transformation story as seen on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss. The two can't wait to introduce their new book, "Live an Extreme Life." Due with book retailers everywhere in September 2014, this Ascend Book release is sure to awaken a transformation in hte hearts of those who need it most!
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