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FALL 2014

"Max Explores" Children's Board Book series with illustrator Liza Fennech and in partnership with
Children's museums across the country! (Triumph Books).

"Live an Extreme Life" written with Extreme Weight Loss's Bob Brenner! (Ascend Books).

Congratulations, Ben Merens, on your first book, "People Are Dying To Be Heard", a Reji Laberje FOR YOU writing project by Truths Publishing available at
Our writing to you includes: life-affirming, imagination-tickling books, such as those ranging from the "Max Explores" series to "Live an Extreme Life," plus studies for pre-k through adults, engaging storytelling, entertaining and empowering live presentations for schools, churches, writers, professionals, and youth-centric organizations, and purpose-driven, educational curricula for K-12 American students, representative of the "positive teachings" aspects (anti-bullying, self-esteem, and goal-setting) of positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS). View Reji’s book and audiobook collections.
When we create writing for you, as we've done with Dick Vitale, Bob Brenner, and experts in many fields and industries, we collaborate with athletes, professionals, and celebrities on projects our team feels offer passionate, motivational, loving, non-divisive messages to your well-deserving target audiences. Our work for you can be written, spoken, or a combination thereof, using your unique voice combined with our experience in molding words to your need and to inspire your desired action.

Get a quote on your unique work and start tale traveling with us!
We seek to bring writing from you, like never before! A number of classes, workshops, and assemblies are available for audiences of 15 to 1500, including our unique book-in-a-month process. We teach the crafts of writing and presenting through refreshingly original approaches resulting in non-linear fiction and non-fiction across many genres. Our full-sensory approach to teaching is both immediately engaging and ideal for schools, enrichment, camp, recreation department, libraries, and writers or writing groups of any age and level looking to perfect, polish, present or publish, and pitch your creations. Learn more about Reji Laberje’s programs.
November - December

  • Kettle Moraine Perform High School
  • Wisconsin Festival of Books
  • Horace Mann Elementary School
  • Wales, Wisconsin (Book-in-a-Month Class)
  • Wilson Tower Signings
  • Chicagoland Barnes & Noble
  • Chicagoland Animal Shelters
  • Chicago Children's Museum
  • Southern California (Tentative)

Want Reji in your area? Contact Angela to schedule an educational program, writing project, or book event today!
Angela Nicloy joined the Reji Laberje Author Programs team in September of this year and has been hard at work making our projects, programs, and products more readily available (and customized to) our audiences of schools, professionals, writers, and others! WELCOME, ANGELA! We couldn't do it without you!
Angela Nicloy
Director of Marketing and Development
Phone: (262) 215-0594